The Raspberry is not a true berry, but it is a composite fruit.It has the capacity of widely spreading. It is also known as Red Raspberry which is a tart and sweet fruit. It is similar to blackberry but it is different in size and color.It plants in l ate summer or the early autumn. A golden Raspberry, which is in pale yellow, has been selected by horticulturalists. Another raspberry called black raspberry which is known as blackcap, is a North American species. They are rich source of many health promoting plant-derived nutrients more..
red mombin
Red Mombin is an edible oval drupe, the fruit can be eaten fresh or can be boiled and dried. The boiled and dried fruit can be used for several months. It is sometimes eaten unripe with salt and vinegar or lime juice. The color of the fruit may vary from dark red to yellow. Choose the fruit that has a deep, even color that gives the most enjoyable sweet flavor. The single large seed, which takes up most of the fruit, is not eaten. more..
rose apple
The rose apple fruit is nearly round, oval, or slightly pear-shaped, 1 1/2 to 2 in (4-5 cm) long, with smooth, thin, pale-yellow or whitish skin, sometimes pink-blushed, covering a crisp, mealy, dry to juicy layer of yellowish flesh, sweet and resembling the scent of a rose in flavor. The fruit is non-climacteric. Rose apples are mostly eaten out-of-hand by children. The juice of macerated leaves is taken as a febrifuge. Powdered leaves have been rubbed on the bodies of smallpox patients for the cooling effect. more..
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