honeydew melon
Honeydew melons are the sweetest of the melons. Consumers liked the flavor, texture, sweetness and overall eating quality of the orange-fleshed honeydew genotypes as well as or better than those of cantaloupe and green-fleshed honeydew. The outstanding flavor characteristics of honey dews make them highly prized as a dessert fruit. A soft, velvety texture indicates maturity. Slight softening at the blossom end, a faint pleasant fruit aroma, and yellowish-white to creamy rind color indicate ripeness. more..
horned melon
Horned Melon fruit is similar size in shape to a medium papaya, and it is slightly oval in shape, not counting it is spikes or horns. You are in big surprise when you open the horned mellon. Instead of having a color similar to its exterior, the inner flesh is a deep sweet. The fruit is studded with seeds, which can be somewhat challenging to remove. It is mainly used as a fruit-snack, salad and rarely for decoration of foods. It is eaten young, mature green or when ripe bright yellow or orange. It grows naturally in the fields and also more..
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