A member of the onion and leek family, garlic is one of the most commonly used flavouring ingredients worldwide. With its distinctive flavour and aroma it is especially popular in Asian, Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines. The bulb of garlic, the most commonly used part of the plant, is divided into numerous fleshy sections called cloves. The leaves, stems (scape), and flowers (bulbils) on the head (spathe) are also edible and are most often consumed while immature and still tender. more..
It is the underground stem/ tuber of the ginger plant which was originally cultivated in Asia. This rhizome is now grown in West Africa, the Caribbean etc. It is used in various forms like fresh, tender, dried, crystallized and in the powder form. Fresh ginger has a deliciously sweet and fragrant aroma and a fresh, citrus slightly spicy flavour. Ginger has a pale brown skin and a light yellow-coloured fibrous flesh. more..
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