Cantaloupe also called as cantaloup, mushmelon, Muskmelon rockmelon refers to a variety of Cucumis meloin the family Cucurbitaceae which includes all melons squashes. Cantaloupes range in size from 0.5 to 5.0 kilograms. Originally, cantaloupe referred only to the non-netted orange fleshed melons of Europe; however, in more recent usage it has come to mean any orange-fleshed melon. Cantaloupe and other melons are tasty and nutritious. Cantaloupe, generally available from May through September, are produced principally in California more..
Excellent fruit quality. The standard for pie cherries. Medium large, bright red fruit with firm yellow flesh. Rich, tart, tangy flavor. Red tart cherries, also called sour or pie cherries and used mainly in cooked desserts, have a softer flesh, lighter red color, and a tart flavor. A very dark color is your most important indication of good flavor and maturity in sweet cherries. Cherries have so many healthy attributes that it hard to get to all of them in one article. One nice thing is that most of the benefits from cherries nutrition more..
The flavor of chikku appeals to almost everyone, and it can best be described as a pear that has been sopping in brown sugar. They are best served fresh and chilled, and then they can be halved or cut into wedgese. It is strong and wind-resistant and rich in a white, sticky latex. The fruit is Egg round in shape with 2 - 4 inches in diameter. The skin is brown and neat when ripe. The flesh varies sometimes reddish-brown. Small brown downy fruit with orange flesh which has a caramel Taste. The plant was used as the base for chewing gum from chikku. more..
cran berry
The cran berry flowers are dark pink, with very distinct reflexedpetal, leaving the style and stamens fully exposed and pointing forward. They are pollinated by bees. The fruit is a berry that is larger than the leaves of the plant; it is initially white, but turns a deep red when fully ripe. It is edible, with an acidic taste that can overwhelm its sweetness. About 95% of cranberries are processed into products such as juice drinks, sauce, and sweetened dried cranberries. The remaining 5% are sold fresh to consumers. more..
The varieties of cucumbers are classified into three main varieties: "slicing", "pickling", and "burpless". Cucumbers which are grown to be eaten fresh are called slicing cucumbers. They are mainly eaten in the unripe, green form. This dark green fruit of the is elongated and cylindrical with rounded ends and slightly bumpy skin.There are both straight and curved cultivars. Some grow over a foot long and some are very short such as pickling cucumbers. Cucumber is very useful for skin problems, sunburns and also for curing swelling under more..
custard apple
The fleshy fruit is very sweet to taste, white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard. The edible portion coats of the seeds of this fruit generously like a gooey portion of a tomato seeds. Custard-apple has a very discrete, sweet-smelling fragrance. It is a little grainy, a bit oily, very sweet and very soft. fruits are always variable in shape, oblong, or irregular. Custard apple is rich in copper which helps to form hemoglobin in the body. This is useful for pregnant women since they need about 1000 micrograms of copper more..
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