Our Mission is to offer Fresh, nutrient rich, healthy, delicious, high-quality all Natural and            organic foods to our community (Local, Certified Organic and Fair Trade whenever possible),            in a sustainable manner to enrich the lives of our customers and allow them to make            environmental and socially conscious choices.

          Our goal is to offer our customers an alternative to the mass-produced. Driven by our            passion for the craft of creating good wholesome food and beverages, were committed to            incorporating the highest quality of organic and all natural ingredients available. The driving            force of our mission is to inspire our customers to incorporate Natural and organic foods            into their daily lives, which will build lasting foundations of healthy eating habits well into            the future. Even though we knew Natural and organic foods are costly and reap fewer            profits, we�ve made it our undertaking to provide our customers with the highest-quality            organic and all natural foods possible that build healthy foundations of eating, while            supporting our local farmers and community.

An innate love and passion towards cooking and the food industry, motivated me to jump at this opportunity to embark on a new journey with a small step of opening an all-natural organic and Caf� 'Treats'

It is our vision to serve the community with healthier Natural & organic food for their busy lives and use eco-friendly green products that also support local community farmers in the process. Whether it�s a signature sub, soup, savoury salad, hand-crafted espresso drink, or fresh baked-cookie, we hope our customer experiences this one lasting impression: 'WOW!'
People are becoming increasingly interested about where their food comes from and how it was grown; it�s becoming a popular alternative for getting high-quality All Natural & Organic healthy foods, to increase the longevity of their happy lives.

We thought it very crucial to give our customers healthier, organic food choices for their busy lives

Our pledge is to offer our customers a healthier Natural & Organic alternative to the typical, mass-produced, high-fat foods that people typically grab on the go. Almost all ingredients are 100% Natural and organic and in everything served
  • Tastes Very Great
  • Healthy Choice
  • No Artificial Additives
  • Save earth

  • Organic and locally farmed produce is usually picked when it�s ripe and at its peak flavour and nutritional value. Rich soil, farmed without the use of artificial pesticides, produces healthy plants that taste fantastic. Fresh organic foods contain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce.

    Eating organic ensures you�re getting food free of antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically engineered products.

    Good for the Earth

    Organic soil practices protect our water resources by avoiding nitrogen-leaching fertilizers and polluting chemicals. Organic agriculture helps prevent these chemicals from getting into the air, earth and water.
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